VIVADENTAL is capable of dealing with any treatment of the dentition, as well as parodontium and oral defects thanks to its personnel representing all areas of dentistry and the fact that the treatment process is based on state-of-the-art technologies and operative and diagnostic procedures. This potential and confidence enables us to set top standards in terms of the quality of our services and our guarantees. The treatment is absolutely pain-free thanks to traditional, computer-assisted, and general anaesthesia directed by our anaesthesiological team.

Comprehensive treatment embraces complementary procedures which together lead to the therapeutic effect of fully eliminated ailments, remedied imperfections, and the masticatory organ restored to full health. This is combined with the aesthetic effect of a beautiful smile thanks to teeth ideal in shape and colour, and perfectly fitted in the dental arch. An effect like this brings utmost satisfaction, and this is the goal we set for ourselves with respect to each Patient.

Many Patients visit us asking no more than to have a tooth filled in or pulled out. However, rational treatment much more than putting an end to an ailment, as the latter approach is limited to dealing with the consequences only. The essence of treatment is to eliminate the root causes. If this is achieved, the patient can enjoy a long, healthy life.

Each Patient should take radiological tests before and after the treatment and undergo oral hygiene procedures. Radiological tests can reveal numerous background causes of health problems and help identify the indications for surgical methods of intervention. Hygiene procedures, on the other hand, bring more than a cosmetic effect, as they remove dental deposits and periapical concrements which accelerate caries formation and dental decay.

How is the treatment structured?

Phase I

Any treatment process must start with the correct and precise diagnosis. Our consultations and preliminary examination are backed with radiological tests. To that aim, we use an ultramodern NewTom5G CT scan. The device creates a 3D, exceptionally precise image covering a broad field of view /18x16cm/, i.e. a three-dimensional radiological view of any area within the hardware range. Apart from the image of the dentition and its condition, the scan can be used to generate any other cross-section view of the skull at any time after the test, as the scan results are stored in the IT system database in two independent copies.

Phase II

We define the treatment method and plan, select the type of anaesthesia and procedural variants, and allocate specific members of our specialist team to the project. Then, we optimise the concept in terms of the costs and present the proposal to the Patient for approval. We appoint the lead doctor in charge of coordinating the treatment process and responsible for its complete and perfect execution.

Phase III

The treatment by the specialist team, carried out in coordination of individual procedures.

Phase IV

Result verification. Radiological test. Indications and recommendations for the Patient. Guarantee for the procedures performed.

Phase V

Follow-up, post-procedural care. Quarterly check-ups of the dentition. Monitoring of the effects achieved in the performed procedures.

One should not forget prophylaxis, that is keeping the teeth clean, using proper toothpaste and dental floss to remove food remains which trigger the growth of dental plaque, a factor contributing to caries development. Regular dentition check-ups will enable keeping your teeth in good condition and save you much trouble and costly treatment.