Prosthetic treatment enables restoration of defective or lost functions of the masticatory organ and attainment of an ideal smile thanks to regained continuity of the dental arches and teeth of proper height, occlusion, and colour. The accompanying improvement of the speech function and the efficiency of the gastrointenstinal tract guarantee full satisfaction. Reconstruction of the original bite following the loss of or damage to the natural teeth is attained by introducing prosthetic devices:

  • removable appliances you can remove at your will – acrylic prostheses, skeletal denture
  • permanent appliances fixed in place – porcelain and all-ceramic crowns and bridges
  • combined denture – removable appliances combined with permanent prostheses, fixed with latches, clips, bars, or telescopic crowns
  • porcelain facings
  • tooth implants

Years of experience and cooperation with the best prosthetic laboratories make it possible for us to take up the most complex tasks requiring top precision, and to achieve unique aesthetic results.

AESTHETIC SMILE of our Patients is the prime goal we pursue as a team.

Removable appliance

is the simplest, longest known and most common method of restoring the missing teeth. Moreover, in spite of more modern systems at hand it seems to remain most popular. We can offer an array of solutions to provide for removable denture. The decision about the ultimate selection is made so to attain the optimal result in its anatomic and cosmetic aspects.


is a thin cover mounted on teeth to improve the appearance of discoloured, disfigured, or dead teeth. The technician producing the facing works on an impression taken after the previous grinding of a layer of ca. 0.8 mm off the proximal tooth surface facing the lip. The finished facing is mounted in place. The precisely performed restoration with porcelain facing gives a beautiful and lasting effect since facings do not take stains, or dim, or change colour over time, retaining their natural colour shade. In order that the facing can adhere easier to the tooth tissue and the optimal effect can be achieved, it is recommendable to precede their mounting with removal of any fillings in the tooth surface operated on. Facings mounted on all front teeth enable attaining the effect of natural teeth ideal in shape and colour, even if the Patient’s own teeth were scarred with defects, displaced, protruded, or retracted.


is perfect whenever the natural tooth crown has been severely damaged. It is also one of the most common elements which anchor the bridge, and at the same time improves the cosmetic effect. We offer porcelain and all-ceramic crowns.


is an alternative solution employed in reconstructing denture. It is a permanent prosthesis of a kind, replacing the missing teeth. Mounting a bridge requires well positioned pillar teeth of appropriate quality. Skeletal, partial, or complete, functionally unstable denture are all types of removable oral appliances, which the Patient can put in place or remove depending on the need. The advantage of removable denture is its relatively low cost, however purchase of an appliance of the kind can be restricted by such factors as difficulties in getting used to it, its proneness to mechanical damage, and the risk of paradontological complications and decay which may develop on the prosthesis contact surface. Due to its durability in terms of colour and its close imitation of natural teeth and their shape, porcelain is the best material to use in reconstruction. Other cheaper, but easily discolouring and smell-absorbing materials are far less advantageous.

Tooth implant

is the permanent prosthesis giving the Patients the previously unattainable level of comfort. The implant permanently integrating into the bone and forming the base for dental reconstruction enables restoration of the missing tooth for life. Implants successfully replace the previously used removable appliances whilst being superior to them in all respects.