We treat this line of dentistry as an area of strict specialisation, unique because of the different structure of the teeth at the developmental age of childhood and adolescence. Our focus in pedodontics is on prevention of caries, mucous membrane diseases, and malocclusion, as well as problems related to teething and its disturbances. The procedures we carry out are aimed at treating:

  • milk teeth
  • immature permanent teeth
  • mucous membrane diseases

Regular dental care of children should begin as early as in the first year of their lives. The budding of the first teeth provides an occasion to verify correct development of the oral cavity and facial skeleton, and obtain valuable advice on taking care of the erupting milk teeth.

Concern for and care of health and hygiene of the mouth, especially in childhood and adolescence, is the best investment we can make to see our children healthy and harvest the fruit of our effort in the future. Protecting our children’s teeth from decay we actually give them utmost pleasure in their future lives. By making sure they have healthy and beautiful teeth, we also save on treatment, since the costs of prevention are incomparably lower.

Visiting us you will gain a unique opportunity to develop exemplary, health-conducive culture of caring for the mouth in your infants and teenagers. We have a special programme dedicated to that aim, developed, implemented, and executed by our experienced and understanding personnel. Here, regular check-ups and treatment free from pain and stress come to the fore. We encourage adults to take their children to their own visits so that the young ones can get accustomed to the dentist, the consultation room, and its appurtenances. Children can watch cartoons. If needed, we use an absolutely safe exhilarating gas to ease the stress and give kids a sense of relaxation. Children are presented a prize for endurance after each visit. In this way your Youngest will lose fright and build trust in the doctor, and this will predispose them to visiting the dentist with pleasure in the future. We are awaiting you and your child at our Clinics. Visit us today…