We offer treatment of malocclusion, defects of the jaw and facial areas to Patients of all ages. We make the dreams of impeccable occlusion come true, satisfying both the aesthetic and functional needs.

Orthodontic treatment enables avoiding many complications such as speech defects, mass caries, wearing off, hypersensitivity, or even loss of teeth.

Orthodontic therapy is primarily based on the application of dental braces, be it removable or fixed, with distractors enabling adjustment of the pressure on individual teeth in the treatment process. To complement the action of the appliance the Patient does exercise following the dentist’s instructions.

Orthodontic therapy is preceded with a thorough preliminary examination, including an interview, analysis of the facial features, study of the dental arches, functional tests, plaster impressions and models, and radiological CT scans which eliminate the need to have pantomographic and cephalometric X-rays taken. Meanwhile, it is necessary to have any decayed teeth treated, any hollows filled in, and eventually the colliding teeth removed in accordance with the orthodontic treatment plan. The therapeutic process lasts between several and even 30 months, and requires the Patient to report regularly for check-ups to have any necessary adjustments made and the treatment plan modified depending on the attained progress. Once the planned effect has been achieved, the fixed braces are removed or the removable appliance stops being used. This stage in the orthodontic treatment process should end with a review of the dentition, treatment of any decayed teeth, and a hygiene procedure combining the scaling, sandblasting, and bleaching. The final stage in orthodontic treatment consists in consolidation of the attained aesthetic and functional effects through retention, using permanent or removable retainers. The permanent retainer takes the form of a metal wire attached to the inner surface of the teeth, on the tongue side. The removable type takes the form of a retention plate which can be removed at any time. The purpose of the retention device is not to exert pressure on the teeth so as to move them, but to prevent potential reversion of the teeth to their prior configuration preceding the treatment.

Orthodontic therapy is lengthy, requires discipline, but in reward brings magnificent effects which transform your smile thoroughly by framing it will beautifully shaped and coloured teeth in complete and ideally occluding arches.

Indications to take up orthodontic treatment:


  • permanently open mouth
  • breathing through the mouth
  • defective speech
  • asymmetry of the face
  • tongue malfunction
  • crammed or sparsely spread teeth
  • premature loss of teeth due to decay


  • crammed teeth
  • wearing off the teeth
  • grating teeth
  • building up dental deposits
  • exposed tooth cervix