Laser treatment represents a non-invasive, absolutely painless, and safe therapeutic method. Laser is an irreplaceable instrument in our work. Due to its coherence, laser light acts more powerfully than normal light. The invisible infra-red light, its wavelength being 810-830nm, enables carrying out effective therapeutic procedures in many pathological conditions of the paradontium, mucous membranes, and the oral cavity.

Laser has also been proved to give excellent treatment results in arthroses and joint inflammations, ulcers, wounds, raw scars, sinus diseases, and many other conditions. The prime role in laser therapy, though, is reserved to the doctor. It is him/her who diagnoses the need to resort to the therapy, and selects the appropriate radiation dose depending on the ailment.

Our dentists have acquired top qualifications and experience backed with abundant practice in the use of lasers in dental procedures, and continuously expand their expertise to include the most recent solutions presented at scientific symposiums, courses, and in specialist publications. The approach guarantees our invariable will to employ nothing but the best currently available laser therapy procedures, and hence achieve the best results.