Cosmetic dentistry is the field dealing in improvement of the dentition appearance. Healthy and white teeth are the most appealing element of the appearance, speaking best of the man’s health and adding to good looks. They consolidate the image of ourselves and reflect our level of culture.

Beautiful dentition is our best showcase, and snow-white colour excellently accentuates tooth shape. The best and most durable effects are achieved in the following procedure:


SCALING – begins the entire process. An ultrasonic scaler brings the immediate effect of swift and comfortable removal of dental deposits, plaque, and bacterial toxins.

SANDBLASTING – comes second. The procedure allows for effective and painless removal of tartar. The special pressure-blasted powder assures the achievement of an impressive cleansing effect. The procedure ends with polishing, thanks to which the teeth are not only spotlessly clean, but also exquisitely shiny. The enamel surface is thus prepared for further treatment, e.g. fluorisation or whitening. Stains are removed and replaced with the gloss of white, shiny teeth.

WHITENING – is the final cosmetic procedure ending up in most spectacular effects. The bleaching process does not damage the hard tissue of the teeth but lightens them up. In the whitening procedure, we use the Beyond accelerator acknowledged as the technologically most advanced, safest, and most effective device of the kind in the world. The appliance utilises the energy obtained through light acceleration of charged particles to make discolorations rooted for years disappear in just 30 minutes. The treatment can be repeated until the anticipated visual outcome is achieved. The whitening effect lasts for up to 2 years depending on the food we eat and our individual predispositions.

TOOTH BLEACHING AT HOME – The Patient receives specially selected whitening preparations to be used at home.

MOUTH HYGIENE – performed regularly and properly, mouth hygiene ensures not only that the attained cleaning and whitening effects will continue, but also that our teeth will be healthy. Our experienced personnel provide each Patient with individual, professional instructions and introduce them to the techniques and the best preparations available in the market.