Cosmetic Dentistry

VIVADENTAL has set the top standards for its aesthetic treatment so that the Patients’ dreams of beautiful, white teeth can take flesh. Cosmetic treatment addresses the needs of the Patients desirous to highlight their impeccable, perfect smile with snow-white teeth. Perfectly shaped and coloured denture, ideally matching the self-created image and individual features guarantee full satisfaction.

We offer improvement of the smile image by giving the teeth an ideal shape /facings and crowns/ and colour /bleaching/. We also perform preventive procedures consisting in protecting the teeth from caries /fluorisation/. Attainment of the effect of beautiful white teeth is preceded with the phase of conservative treatment, and if needed, with procedures falling in the areas of dental surgery, prosthetics, implantology, or orthodontics. Finally, we give the denture a whitening treatment. Tooth bleaching comes as the final stage of the entire treatment process and of cosmetic dentistry. The aesthetic smile obtained in the bleaching procedure carries a chance of success to many of our Patients.

White teeth must be healthy, and healthy teeth should be white…