fbpx We can do more, because it distinguishes us from many - VIVADENTAL EUROPEAN IMPLANT & AESTHETICS CENTRE

We can do more, because it distinguishes us from many

We created luxurious conditions of medical treatment,

because our goal is providing the awareness of our patients about how carefully we make our job

We are treating complex,

because we are the team of specialists from each kind of stomatology.

We are determining an individual and an optimal medical treatment plan for each of our patient,

because our desire is to fulfill our patient’s expectations as well as we can

We are diagnosing the most precisely,

because we are owners of the most modern computer tomograph in the world

We are treating painless,

because we are using local or regional computer anesthezia

We are making endodontic treatment during only one visit,

because we are using the most modern equipment, materials and therapeutic procedures

We are performing total metamorphosis of teeth,

because we have unlimited capabilities of diagnosis, both technology and therapeutic

We are granting the warranty on implantology teartment for life,

because we own perfect skills and we are using best implantology systems

We are training doctors in the field of implantology and stomatology surgery,

because we would like to spread our extensive experience and improving the level of Polish stomatology

We are making implantology researches,

because we strive to perfection and we are still making progress