The quality policy

The quality policy adopted by the European Centre of Implantology and Aesthetics VIVADENTAL carries a challenge to all its employees.

Our desire is that all our actions, materials, and equipment are acknowledged as being of exemplary quality, and therefore in each step we take at each stage of the medical, hygiene, sanitary, and organisational procedures we strive for the excelling note of assessment.

We aim at perfecting the quality of our services always satisfying the prime criterion of our Patients’ satisfaction.

We perceive high standards of our services, satisfying the demands and expectations of our patients as the cornerstone of the firm’s long term development. The responsibility for service quality rests with each of our employees. The job of the management, on the other hand, is to invariably promote actions aimed at maintaining the quality and effectiveness of the services so that they are rendered at the top level of knowledge, diligence, and medical advancement.