Zdzisław Bereznowski

Prof MD PhD

Prof. Zdzisław Bereznowski, MD PhD, holds professorship at the Medical University of Gdańsk.  He has been on the University academic and teaching staff since 1970 when he first graduated as a dentist from the Medical Academy in Gdańsk.  He attained his doctoral degree in medicine in 1979, was conferred the degree of doctor habilitated in 1997, and the position of Professor Extraordinary in 2003.  Since October 2007 he has headed the Chair of Dental Prosthetics, Medical University of Gdańsk, and managed the Consultation Clinic of Prosthetics and Dental Implantology at the University Dentistry Centre, Medical University of Gdańsk.  He has authored about 100 research publications and is a member of the Editorial Committees of the following journals: Dental Prostethics, Quintessence for Dentists, Quintesence-Periodontology  Implants,  Dental Medical Problems, and Annales Academiae Gedanensis.  Prof. Zdzisław Bereznowski’s scientific interests and the bulk of his research output focus on the issues of materials in prosthetics, pathological condition prophylaxis, and prosthetic rehabilitation of the stomatognathic system, and most recently – dental implantology.

Prof. Zdzisław Bereznowski, MD PhD, is a member of the Prosthetic Section of the Polish Stomatological Association and has presided over the Section for the second term of office now (2005 – 2013).  He has held membership in the Polish Association of Dental Implantology since 2000, and presides over the Pomeranian Regional Section of the Association.

Prof. Zdzisław Bereznowski, MD PhD, is an experienced and highly appreciated lecturer and practitioner.  He is actively engaged in offering post-graduate training for dentists and has educated many specialists in dental prosthetics.  For several years now, he has played the function of the regional consultant for dental prosthetics.  He is a member of the state examination commission in the special area of dental prosthetics and member of the expert team for accreditation of entities applying for the licence to offer specialist training in dental prosthetics and specialist internships in the discipline.