Vivadental – Life-Long Implant Guarantee

The interpersonal relationship between the patient and doctor constitutes the fundamental value in medicine. In order that the common goal, i.e. improvement of the patient’s health, can be achieved, the relationship must be open, and both parties must be engaged in all phases of the treatment process from the planning stage, through execution, to the post-surgery and follow-up care. In implant treatment this is indeed the prerequisite condition of durability of the attained effects.

When putting his/her health in the doctor’s hands, the patient invests his/her trust and faith that his/her expectations will be met. The doctor responds to it with earnestness and diligence reaching for the best methods and pharmacological, process, and product technologies.

These tangible and intangible elements enable setting the clearly-defined reference point – the guarantee. Saying that, one needs to remember that it is not a one-way manifest of the doctor. Instead, it is the partnership relation between the patient and the doctor, and therefore requires that the participants in the relationship perform their mutual obligations. If satisfied, the prerequisite will assure that the treatment effects will continue for years or life-time giving the Patient contentment and the doctor satisfaction of the work done.

Why Life-Long Guarantee

VIVADENTAL extends life-long guarantee for implants because it has turned implant treatment into art and brought that art to the level of perfection. Implantology has for years been our domain, the area where the most daring dreams of our Patients take flesh. In this particular area our unique professional qualifications reach their peak supported with state-of-the-art technologies, years of experience, and absolute command of numerous implant systems.

Keeping unfaltering quality at each stage in the treatment process ensures that each implant we place is a specimen unique in its perfection, durability, and aesthetic values. We are confident of the applied procedural methods, product, material, and pharmacological technologies, and the quality and meticulousness of the workmanship.

In implantology, VIVADENTAL exemplifies the utmost potential of the contemporary medicine.

Top professionalism determines the adequate level of responsibility. By extending our life-ling guarantee for implants we open an entirely new perspective to our Patients and a new era in the history of dentistry. This is the fundamental value underlying the VIVADENTAL culture and our inspiration to develop further.

Anyone who sees Mona Lisa, probably the most exquisite painting by Leonardo da Vinci, succumbs to the magic of her look and wonders what makes it possible for Mona Lisa to look straight into your eyes irrespective of where you stand. Anyone who hears music by Johann Sebastian Bach wonders how the man, struck deaf in his late years, could compose such masterpieces. No one is surprised that Antonio Stradivari’s (Stradivarius) instruments built at the turn of the 17. and 18. centuries, which have survived to date earn astronomical prices or that the most famous ‘Messiah’ violin is acclaimed priceless. Art is the skill of putting its recipients in unfading and timeless awe. For us, implantology is the art.

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